Past Work

I have worked on numerous web sites and web applications during my professional and academic career. While I can't share most of the code used on these projects, I am happy to discuss their implementation.

Wedding Page

My Wedding Website

I married my wife Aimee in June of 2013. I designed the site based on our wedding invitations, which featured the same color scheme, and a similar thick purple border around the edge of the invitations. While the site is a fairly simple raw html/css site, I'm very happy with the appearance and simplicity of the site.

I also added a fun Konami-code effect on the home page because I think I'm funny.

Mechanical Engineering thumbnail

University of Washington Mechanical Engineering

I worked for two years as the student web developer for the UW Mechanical Engineering department. I rebuilt the external site based on the College of Engineering's design specifications, but significantly optimized the css, and built the page in php in order to allow for simpler maintenance, and to allow for parts of the site to be driven by a MySQL back end.

In addition to the external site, I completely rebuilt the ME department's internal data management application. The site involved funcitonality for tracking documents, salary information, admissions information, room and equipment assignments, rosters, and numerous other tools which saw daily use.

Image Collage With Css3 Hover Animation

I wanted to come up with some fun animation behavior for a website I am building for a friend, and I ended up playing with CSS3 transitions. It's pretty simple, but I think it's a great example of how transitions can be used to enhance graphic elements.


Stare Box

A quick test that I had some fun with. I rendered a cube using HTML and CSS, then used javascript to continuously update the transform properties on the cube to rotate it and point at the user's cursor.